Star in the #NotMarked Trailer

Jan 15, 2014Archive


Not Marked, my book about healing from sexual abuse, is almost in print! I’d like to crowd-source my trailer with YOU as the star.

Here’s how to star in the #NotMarked trailer:

On your phone (or video camera), set it to the landscape mode (wide) and record you holding one side of your cardboard, then flipping it to show the other side. This won’t last long, and it doesn’t need to be perfect.

On one side of the cardboard, write the lie you believed about yourself as a result of sexual abuse. (I might write, “I am worthy of being abused and taken from.”) You can also personalize this by saying the particular lie you heard from the abuser. (“He said he would kill me if I told.”)

On the other side of the cardboard, share the truth you’ve learned from Jesus in the aftermath of the abuse. (“I’ve learned it’s okay to be here on this earth, that I have purpose.” Or “My abuser didn’t kill me, and he can’t kill my heart.”)

Send your file as a .mov file to

Here’s what I’m looking for:

Please send your very quick take by Friday the 17th of this week. Thank you SO much. And would you spread the word for me?

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