Top 25 blogs to follow & why

Jul 18, 2012Work Uncaged, Write!

I love reading blogs. I get a lot out of them, particularly the top twenty-five. This list will show you just how random I am, but perhaps you’ll find some new literary loves as you read. Here’s my top 25 blog list:

  1. Bridget Beth Collins. She used to babysit our kids when we lived in the Northwest. She’s wildly creative, has a tender heart, and creates awesome watercolors. I just love her joie de vivre and the way she cherishes motherhood.
  2. Bohemian Hellhole. Don’t be frightened by the title. This is my sister’s amazing blog. One of the features I adore the most is her weekly William Morris project where she tackles a part of her house that isn’t functioning well, and she makes it better. She features do-able recipes. She, too, is wildly creative.
  3. Cheaper by the Half Dozen. This is author Marybeth Whalen’s blog. I love that she’s given herself permission to write what comes to mind, not by any formula or per any expectations. This makes her prose gutsy and humorous.
  4. Endorphin Insights. This is the blog of  Corrine Baur who wrote the book, Running by the Book. It’s the program I’m using to train for a half marathon. I like her level-headed approach to fitness.
  5. Her.meneutics. This is the Christianity Today women’s blog. Nearly every blog I start reading then click through to finish the article. Exceptionally well written and thought provoking.
  6. Allison Johnston. She’s laugh out loud funny, painfully honest, and quirky as all get out, but I love her blog. She says it like it is, loves Jesus in the midst, and helps me not feel alone.
  7. Emily Clark. Of course I have to add a design blog in here. Her interiors are do-able, fresh, and happy. And I love the way she approaches her home. I have this strange belief that she and I would be friends if we lived nearby. (Please don’t think I’m a stalker for saying this.)
  8. From the Unpaved Road by Michele Perry. I met Michele last year at the Relevant Conference (now Allume). She lives it, folks. She believes Jesus for big, fat miracles, and I have a huge crush on her heart and faith.
  9. Lisa Whittle. Another gut-level honest Jesusy girl who isn’t afraid of her own warts. She bares it all so you don’t feel alone, and she debunks anything that smacks of inauthentic faith.
  10. Leslie Wilson. She’s been my ardent friend and writing partner for years and years now. She also is one of the funniest people I know, with a natural bent toward humor.
  11. Anne Mateer. Also part of my writing group (We call ourselves Life Sentence), I love her posts and her sweet approach to fiction, developing a reader base, and her emphasis on Scripture as the source of wisdom.
  12. Design Happens. This is HGTV’s design blog. Need I say more? They have awesome, quirky, fun, do-able projects here and gorgeous pictures. It’s like girl por*n.
  13. The View from Here. This is author Jeanne Damoff’s blog. She’s an amazing writer, thinker, and photographer who loves her family well and always makes me rethink my life. She’s an inspiration.
  14. The Lettered Cottage. I have a serious crush on this blog in nearly every possible way. Great tutorials, excellent pictures, this design blog is one I look forward to.
  15. Michael Hyatt. This is my go-to blog for leadership and business advice. Nearly every post inspires me to work better (smarter) and consider my integrity as I do so.
  16. Miss Mustard Seed. If I were to be an interior designer type, I’d like to morph into Miss Mustard Seed. I particularly love her painting furniture projects. Great photographs.
  17. Nesting Place. Another great design blog (detect a pattern here?). What I love about “the Nester” is that she’s super real and she’s thrifty in a cool way. Her projects are doable and her home seems utterly livable and genuine.
  18. Rachelle Gardner. Though not my agent, she’s a friend, and her blog is spot on. It helps me keep up with what’s going on in the writing industry, and she keeps her humor through it all.
  19. Carey Nieuwhof. I met Carey while we both keynoted at a parenting conference. He blogs about family and leadership. He leads a church in Canada and has a great big heart. His articles are pass-on-able.
  20. Tentblogger. I really like the tone of this blog about how to be a professional blogger. Very usable information, yet you don’t feel like you’re a blog failure when you read his stuff. He’s approachable and fun.
  21. She Reads. This is an amazing resource for book clubs. She Reads selects a delectable book every month, then highlights it. They also give other suggestions. I love their author interviews and resources.
  22. The Casabella Project. Another design blog I adore where the author has a full heart and a generous way about her. She makes things affordable and gives you step by steps to complete great home projects.
  23. Sarah Markley. Sarah is a good friend of mine who writes an honest blog about family life. Her pictures are stunning and her words read like authentic poetry. And I love her heart.
  24. Nicole Baart. She’s also a friend and an amazing novelist who blogs about family and joy and real life. She’s passionately dedicated to her hubby and boys, and she writes like the wind.
  25. Art House America blog. I’m on the national board for this amazing ministry, so naturally I love this blog. Find ways to integrate art into faith in a natural, sweet way.

Let’s spread more bloggy joy today!

What are your favorite blogs? List them in the comments section. I look forward to adding to my blogroll.