Aug 19, 2006Family Uncaged

We’re tired.

But happy.

We’ve been running around like crazy people, connecting with many, many folks in the Dallas area. It’s been great, refreshing and fun, but when we spend every night away, it gets to you. So we took the afternoon off. Julia swam. Aidan played on the computer. Patrick napped (oh, how I wish I could take naps…it’s just not in my DNA). And I worked on webby stuff. Tonight we speak at church and attend a dessert. Should be yummy.

Through it all, I’m seeing snapshots of Jesus:

  • A friend who had a stroke is doing better. Her sweet spirit inspires me.
  • I got to hug two of my friends who lost their husbands while we were in Texas. Both of them are my heroes.
  • I’ve seen Him sustain a friend going through a divorce. I could see shiny Jesus eyes on her sweet face.
  • A friend commended me for Watching the Tree Limbs, said it was a gift. Made me blush.
  • We hugged friends from Creekside–a church we attended our first year in Rowlett. It was such a sweet re-encounter.
  • Friends who share their hearts with me…I always feel humbled when that happens. And I’ve been able to let my hair down and be myself. It’s been refreshing. I love being loved for who I am.
  • We showed our presentation to a good-sized group of friends. For those who have already seen us in France, it was cool to see them get teary watching the slides. How cool that Jesus has knitted their hearts to France.
  • Elaine hugged me and didn’t let me go. She seemed to understand my struggles with few words. That hug changed me. It was like Jesus was hugging me, telling me He sees and that everything will be all right.
  • I had the privilege of hearing a new friend’s recent story about a death of a family member. We cried together. When I gave her a book, she cried.

Thank You Jesus for visiting us here just as You visit us daily in France. This has been a true time of refueling for Your sake. Amen and amen.