That time, that exact time, Jesus lifted me

Nov 18, 2014Find joy today

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about feeling burdened...about a worship service, a song, a moment on my knees.

And today, I clicked through to a video of that song, not realizing it was the exact moment, the exact song, at my church. What a blessing to see it go viral.

Maybe today you’re carrying something too heavy. An anvil of pain on your shoulders, your mind, your heart. It’s so large it permeates your soul and crushes against you. It is the elephant in the room, only the elephant stands defiantly on your shoulder.

Friend, take a moment to listen and watch and sing. And at the place where it says, “Here I bow down,” be gutsy and kneel. Right where you are. Right in the place you are burdened.

Surrender. It’s not a popular notion these days, and I have a feeling the enemy of our souls wants nothing more than for us to let the weight of this world’s pains overwhelm and immobilize us. Which is why kneeling in submission brings joy to the Father (He wants to bear it) and shudders the enemy who MUST FLEE at our reverence and submission to God.

Bow down.


And let Him lift you up.

Let Jesus take the crushing load.

Remember this true verse: “The LORD helps the fallen and lifts those bent beneath their loads.” Psalm 145:14 NLT. And believe it. Let go of the burden, dear one. Let Jesus bear it. His yoke is not burdnesome, but yours is stifling you.