Thursday Prayer: Life

Jun 25, 2009Heal from the past

Lord, as I go on my bike ride today, I thank You that I have legs to bike, arms to hold the handlebars, and breath in my lungs. Protect me and my riding companions from crazy drivers. As I see the beauty of Your creation, help me pause in my spirit to praise You.

And I lift up my daughter Julia to you, with her cough and my husband with his cough. Would You heal them? Help them to feel better soon.

I pray for the hours of my day, that I’d stop and remember You throughout. You are the Great I Am, and often I’m the great hurry-up-and-go. I need to pause, reflect.

You are big and I am small. Breathe life, Your life into me. Teach me what it actually means to walk in Texas as if I were walking the dusty streets of Galilee with You.