Three People I Admire

Jan 7, 2006Find joy today

Our friend JR along with his wife Ginger and their two kids Neeley and Judson are planting a church in Manhattan. They packed up their lives in Texas, where JR was a teaching pastor at Lakepointe Church, and are now city dwellers, pioneering a redemptive work. JR is one of the funniest people I know, but also one of the deepest thinkers about Jesus. His blog is inspiring. Check it out if you have a chance. Ginger’s is well-written and full of great pictures.

My friend Julie is so dear. She was my Maid of Honor. She’s living in Nicaragua right now, finalizing paperwork to adopt an orphan there. Marita is beautiful, and thanks to her new mom Julie, is now gaining weight. She kisses Julie all the time. I’m incredibly proud of my friend. Welcome to motherhood, Julie! I hope you’re coming home to California soon!


We have some good friends here in France. One of them has a sister in the Seattle area who is going through some hard times. Patrick suggested I contact John and Donna who live near where this sister lives in Seattle. So I asked John if he’d be willing to go over to this person’s house and offer some comfort or maybe a meal or two. His response? Of course. He seemed to count it a privilege to interrupt his busy life to help a family in need. He’s below, with the JOHN label on his head.