Three Cottontails

Apr 29, 2008Archive

When I run in the mornings, the Lord shows up. Hmmm, maybe I should run all the time!

But one thing that swirls through my head as the hills slow behind me is bunnies. Yep, it’s that time of year when the spring has produced all sorts of bunny love in Texas. Bunnies, bunnies, everywhere!

I play this funny bunny game when I run and pray and listed to the whispers of my savior: bunny counting. In my mind, I’ve equated bunnies with my children, that if God brings a bunny my way, I’ll pray for my kids or remember them, or make little plans to bless them, connect with them, or help them. And the funny thing is, He often sends three bunnies (representative of my three kids).

Today it was three bunnies at different places in the woods. When I saw the third, I smiled. Isn’t it beautiful that God sends me bunny reminders like that? I think so. But maybe I’m crazy.