Thomas and the slow-turning earth

Nov 29, 2009Family Uncaged, Find joy today

This morning while jogging, I listened to the song, “Fireflies” by Owl City where one of the lines says, “I’d like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly.” As I heard those words, I thought of the brevity of life, of how quickly my kids are growing up, becoming amazing adults.

The next moment, I noticed a fire hydrant that looked like it’d been used recently. Oddly, sand surrounded it, and in the sand sat four Thomas the Tank Engine characters, climbing the sand toward the hydrant.

Instantly I remembered.

My son Aidan used to love Thomas, used to sleep with a wooden Thomas the size of a shoe box. He spent his days creating new tracks, discovering new stories, new choo-choo horizons. Wasn’t it yesterday? Didn’t I just blink, and Aidan grew to six foot two (or is it three now?). He loves Jesus. He has a heart for the poor. He thinks it’s crazy that folks focus more on getting things when Jesus’ birth comes around this time of year. He’s gifted at the trombone. He loves his family.

This earth turns slowly for some, too fast for others. But today as I jogged by the bygones of Aidan’s toddlerhood, I felt a strange mix of nostalgia and pride. My little boy charts new courses while the world beneath my feet rushes by.