They Made It!

Jul 6, 2005Archive

This picture was taken nearly one year ago by Anne Savage. She came to help me with the kids while Patrick was away at training. It was taken on a hike above our home. I love how the kids are looking out beyond the valley, as if they didn’t know what their school year would hold.

It held a lot.

A lot of tears. A lot of victories. A lot of perseverance.

Patrick and I are so proud of our three children. They endured a difficult year with joy and amazing resilience. Today is the last day of school (finally!). And I am left with the fact that God is good. He sees. He takes care of His little ones (and bigger ones, like me–a mother who came to France with a suitcase full of mom-worries).

Thank you, Jesus, for bringing us all through this school year. We couldn’t have done it without You.