The Year in Photos

Dec 30, 2009Family Uncaged

Pippin the wonder dog, bearing gifts.

Aidan’s 13th birthday.

Sunset near our house last winter.

Daisy Chain book signing at Legacy Books. The cake was amazing!

With Susan Meissner at the Christian Book Expo. She won Book of the Year!

Tosca, me, Jonathan and Meredith out in Santa Cruz during Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference.

Me with kids, hanging.

Early spring, me with hubby.

Sophie’s choir banquet friends.

Filming a book trailer in Illinois.

At Write to Publish. I keynoted! This is my friend Rachelle. We roomed together. Great talks.

Sophie went to Ghana!

I added D’Ann Mateer and Leslie Wilson to The Writing Spa! Woot!

Julia and her friend Clara at her 11th birthday party.

In Washington state, on our vacation. The kids are acting like Edward Cullen.

Aidan knee boarding for the first time.

Me at ACFW with Mrs. Montana (and friend!) Angie. Just prior to this I spoke at She Speaks, but I don’t have pictures from then!

Sophie’s trip to Washington DC. She got to present flowers at Arlington Cemetery. Wow.

Proof that I did something on my bucket list this year. U2 baby!!!!

Book signing at Legacy Books for A Slow Burn.

Sophie’s Homecoming 2009.

Novelist retreat with Nicole Baart and Tosca Lee.

Fun discipleship retreat in Oklahoma. Sophie took this picture.

Friend brunch (right around the time of Sophie’s birthday party, but I don’t have pictures of that.)

New profile pictures taken by Sophie! Yeah!

I ended the year taking pictures of families and authors to raise money to go to Cape Town next year. So far, very fun and successful! 

That’s it. Our year in pictures. I hope you enjoyed it!