The Writing Spa

Oct 9, 2008Archive

Today marks the launch of a new endeavor for me. I’ve been mentoring writers, offering free critiques, and doling out expertise for several years now. I love doing this! But as time wore on and our need for supplemental income increased, I realized I would have to either:

  • Get a job, part to full time
  • Stop mentoring to pursue more magazine gigs
  • Become J.K. Rowling so I wouldn’t have to worry about it

What I didn’t know was that God was offering something different behind curtain number four. I continued to have people approach me, asking me to mentor or coach them through their writing journeys. Finally, everything came together in my mind, and The Writing Spa was born. The website is live today.

And, of course, I’m launching it in the middle of economic crisis. How’s that for spectacular timing? Even so, I’m thrilled to be a part of helping writers further their abilities and careers. And, Lord willing, this business will provide our needed monthly income on a consistent basis. That’s been the hard part about being a book writer and a novelist—your pay is sporadic at best.

So if you need help in your career, if you’re struggling in one particular aspect of the publishing journey, if you need your proposal critiqued by an expert, if your story is languishing, consider taking a trip to The Writing Spa. Regenerate your words today!