Take a Leap into the Beautiful Battle

Jan 20, 2012Archive

I’m tickled pink (literally!) that Beautiful Battle, my spiritual warfare book for women, is now released! My friend Kimberly texted me a picture of her holding it!

Which is super cool because I dedicated the book to her and my friend Jodi. The inscription reads:

To Jodi Vinson and Kimberly Baker, beautiful women who deliberately prayed me through.

The two of them shared great books with me and truly committed to praying for me through the entire writing process. This book is a result of their hard-fought prayers.

I’d like to share my heart about this book. First, here’s a story that helped me understand the true nature of our battle, involving one of our children when we lived in France:

Beautiful Battle: 2 from Ufilmhouse.com on Vimeo.

And this second video is a segment about my heart–the deeper whys behind the book. Truth: God is truly bigger than the boogeyman!

Beautiful Battle: 1 from Ufilmhouse.com on Vimeo.

Some cool endorsements for Beautiful Battle:

“Not just anyone can, or should, write a book on Spiritual Warfare. DeMuth demonstrates her capacity not by reveling in her victories but by revealing her battle scars. This is bloody, beautiful, truth.” Nicole Johnson, dramatist, author


Beautiful Battle is a must-read for every woman. Mary DeMuth artfully explains the reality of spiritual warfare in easy to understand terms teaching us to claim the victory that is ours in Christ without inciting fear or minimizing the realities of Satan’s work in this world. She gently and confidently reminds us of the ever important truth that God is bigger. I plan to read this book again and again.”   Shannon Primicerio, author of The Divine Dance and nine other books to teens

“The richness of Beautiful Battle is not simply in the way Mary DeMuth crafts words…but in the reminder of a powerful God who always wins. I have taken much away from this inspiring, important book–one every believer should read.” Lisa Whittle speaker, advocate, Barnabooks author of {w}hole


“Mary DeMuth writes about the spiritual world in a compelling, insightful way. She shares how to be a wise warrior who is neither oblivious to the battle around us nor overwhelmed by it. In her characteristically courageous style, Mary fights back the darkness on behalf of her sisters everywhere and sheds new light for all of us on this much-needed topic.  Holley Gerth, author of God’s Heart for You


“In Beautiful Battle Mary DeMuth takes the mystery out of understanding the daily fight in the life of the believer. Empowering us with the inside secrets of spiritual warfare, she opens our eyes to more fully understand what is taking place where our eyes cannot see. This book is a powerful tool for the believer wanting to go deeper than the average Christian dares to go.”  Lynn Cowell, Proverbs 31 speaker and author of His Revolutionary Love

If you’re interested you can order Beautiful Battle here. Or head on out to any local bookstore and ask for it (kindly).