The Temptation of Polka Dots

May 29, 2007Archive

We spent yesterday in Palestine Texas. What a great place. We had the chance to see what God is doing there in the lives of several friends. Isn’t it great when God pulls back the curtain of a place and lets you see His work? I left the town encouraged.

But one story makes me giggle.

One of my friends shared how her son was attending a very conservative college in the South. “Girls are now allowed to wear earrings,” she said. “But that was only this year.” She said that back in the Sixties, there was a rule on the books (this school had lots of rules) about girl’s apparel. “Apparently, girls were not allowed to wear polka dots,” she explained.

“Why?” I really couldn’t figure out what was so unholy about polka dots.

“Well,” she said, “polka dots were enticements. If a girl wore polka dots, boys would be tempted to poke the dots.”

Just you remember that, young college girls, when you’re about to slip on that polka dotted shirt. Might be near to becoming Jezebel herself!