The Surprise Blessing of Little Obediences

Mar 5, 2008Archive

I’m always surprised how sweetly God blesses my paltry little obediences. Did you know that I feel doubly blessed when I choose to pray for folks? This morning God reminded me of that as I sent prayers in different directions. Emailed prayers. Written prayers. Spoken prayers. Every time I choose to pray, God meets me, and blesses me right back. A beautiful paradox.

This morning, I didn’t want to run. But I knew I needed to. My last exercise had been Saturday when I rode a few miles on my bike. I’m training again for the Danskin Triathlon in Austin, TX, so I need to be getting ready. (Side note: please don’t think I’m studly or anything. The reason I’m training for a triathlon is because having an impossible goal like that makes me exercise. I’m merely motivated by that kind of goal, which, truth be told, is more like a goal NOT to look like a wimp.) (Side note part deux: Why don’t you join me???)

So, Pippin the dog looked at me with sad eyes. He so looks forward to our morning runs. I threw up my hands, got on my running clothes (which seems to be half the battle for me) and took off running. Ah, the splendor of the day! The Bradford Pears are starting to bloom their happy white flowers. Birds chirped. The sky winked blue. And as I ran, God blessed me with a thought. I kept ruminating on prayer, and God’s deeper call to it lately. Then, in a flash of light, He gave me a plot thread for my next novel, something unique that had to do with prayer.

I finished my run sweaty, but inspired. And Pippin smiled at me. And God did too. Oh, the sweet blessings of little obediences.