The re:write conference $100 off

Apr 22, 2013Write!


I’ve been to a lot of writers conferences, both as an attendee and a speaker. This last year, I had the privilege of speaking at the inaugural Re:Write conference. It was a huge, valuable time. The other speakers were amazing, over the top. I learned extremely valuable information about branding, self publishing, and marketing, and I made really important connections.

Watch me talk about Re:Write and publishing! My hunch is that you’ll learn something new either about publishing or crazy ol’ me.

What’s unusual about re:write:

Re:write is a writers conference for anyone who wants to write and publish, whether it be for traditional or nonconventional publishing. It’ll be October 18-20, 2013 in the Renaissance Hotel in Austin, TX. Ted Dekker and Mark Batterson will be our main keynotes. Woot! But there are so many other cool peeps. Check them out. Another thing: I don’t speak at writers conferences anymore, so this is one of the rare times I’ll be speaking about publishing.

An awesome contest:

And besides that, there’s a contest to be traditionally published by Tyndale! Click here for contest details. If you’re tired of trying to find an agent, woo a publisher, and land a contract, this might just be the back door opportunity you’ve been longing for. My friend Kurt won the contest last year (so I can attest it’s real!).

The Super Duper Deal:

And just because I am so excited about you going, I have a special offer for you. This expires and sputters and dies at midnight on April 29th (next Monday). Here’s the skinny:

  • If you sign up using my special code, you’ll also receive a free webinar in September that’ll help you prepare for the conference. This is exclusively for you, my readers. I’ll give you all the insider information you need to be successful at this conference. (Yes, there will be agents and editors there).
  • You will also receive a complimentary invitation to a special meet and greet with me (an hour reception). We will have so much fun!
  • The conference is normally $599, but my super duper discount code take it down to $499. Yep, $100 bucks off, friends. Use this code when you register: DEMUTH2013

You have until next Monday the 29th to take advantage of this exclusive offer. I hope to see you there!