The Old Has Gone…

Jun 22, 2006Find joy today

Many of you who have read this blog have noted my lament of late. I seemed to have lost Mary. Where she is, I don’t know. I’ve grieved this. I don’t know if this is one of those knowable stages of cross-cultural adaptation, and I’m spouting off obvious things.

Thankfully, Jesus circumvents all these ramblings. He intersects my life (usually while I’m running) with encouraging words. I don’t know quite how He does it, but all of a sudden, I realized something. I’d been lamenting this Old Mary like she was the epitome of who I’d ever be. It never occurred to me, until Jesus’ whisperings, that He might have something NEW in store.

Could it be that my grieving the loss of the Old Mary hindered God’s hand in making me an entirely New Mary? Could it be that He wants to make me here in France as a freedom-loving, abundance-experiencing, hope-embracing follower of Him?

Oh my. Here I’ve been living in the land of lament when I should be hoping with baited expectation! Yeah, baby, the old has gone, but NEW is coming! It’s time to let the Old Mary go, and live in blessed anticipation of what new, surprising things God will do in the future. Or maybe even today.

I type this with fear and joy, knowing something beautiful is just around the corner.