The Irresistible Table is Here!

Feb 15, 2013Family Uncaged

Today I release my cookbook, The Irresistible Table. Woohoo!

Here it is:

Some cool things about The Irresistible Table:

  • My daughter Sophie staged the picture (we hauled out our table into the yard to get the lighting right) and designed the cover.
  • This is actually my second cookbook. My first cookbook was the first book I ever published. It was called The Giving Home Journal cookbook and no longer exists. I created it in the mid 1990s.
  • The reason I published this was my dear friends who bought the first cookbook kept bugging me about making another one.
  • You may not know this about me, but I love to cook and have been cooking since I was a young teen. My parents worked late shifts, leaving me as an only child to fend for my own meals. I grew tired of ramen, so I started cooking my way through The Better Homes and Garden cookbook. I’m solely self taught and I’ve made plenty of mistakes.
  • I actually won an Olive Garden lasagna contest where my recipe was featured at our local restaurant, and I received $1000 worth of free fresh pasta for a year. (I still can’t eat it…or even look at fresh pasta…too much!)
  • I’ve had recipes featured in Bon Appetit, The Dallas Morning News and Women’s Day.
  • And the piece de la resistance: In France, several French people raved about my bread. To me, this was the final validation! 🙂 Oui, oui! (Especially validating since my first attempts at bread resembled bricks.)
  • The cookbook is 150 pages and includes appetizers, drinks, breakfast, bread, veggies, dessert, meat, pastas, soups, salads and much, much more.
  • These are exclusively my recipes, developed and adapted by me. Hundreds of people have eaten around my table!

Here’s an example of what you’ll find. (My apologies in advanced to those of you giving up chocolate or sugar for Lent…and this is not gluten free, but you could substitute a gluten free “flour” for the 1 cup in this recipe.)

As promised in my last email to you, here’s the cool thing about purchasing the cookbook (whether Kindle or physical book): you get three free novels if you buy between today and the end of February (the 28th.)


Simply send an email to with your receipt (electronic) for The Irresistible Table, and I’ll send you the PDFs to my first three novels:


The Quarryman’s Wife: This is the first novel I wrote, based on my great grandmother’s life in the Great Depression. It’s my first and last historical fiction (Does this make it a collector’s item? :)) about how grief disconnects us from those we need and love the most, and the amazing things God does to reconnect us with our loved ones. There’s a young love story woven throughout. This book is set in Centerville, Ohio and is packed full of local history.

Watching the Tree Limbs: My first traditionally published book, this book explores the question: Why aren’t there heroes out there rescuing kids from abuse? Mara, the young heroine, walks through deep heartache and abuse, longing for a hero. She finds them in unlikely places: a rhyming friend, a mysterious radio man, and a recluse. It’s a page-turning, sometimes-scary mystery. But it packs a punch of redemption.

Wishing on Dandelions: Here I introduce the reader to Mara as a seventeen-year-old, a sexual abuse victim trying to navigate first love. It’s a love story, but also a roadmap for how God heals even the worst of traumas. And true to my love for suspense, you’ll keep turning the pages as old wounds and new enemies pursue Mara with a heart-stopping pace. This is a hope-touched book.

My heart for you in The Irresistible Table is that you’ll rekindle your heart for others and relax in the kitchen. Cook boldly, my friend!