The Inferiority Beast

Jan 4, 2012Find joy today, Heal from the past

Have you ever wrestled the inferiority beast? I have many times and found myself wanting in the aftermath.

I often perceive every. single. person. on. this. earth. as more important than me. Now this is good when I’m hoping to be Jesusy and kind and considering others better than myself. But it’s not good when I shrink back from being all that God created me to be.

I don’t see Jesus walking this earth with a cloud of inferiority hovering over him. He didn’t shrink back. He was comfortable in His own skin, happy to be Himself, self aware to the Nth degree. He was confident of God the Father’s affection of Him. And because He possessed this confidence, He joyfully took a towel and washed others’ feet.

So servanthood and confidence can hold hands.

Why do I struggle with this beast? I suppose it goes back to my past. Still, I can’t stay back there, can I? And neither can you. Whatever hangs over your head and makes you feel inferior is something in the past now. It’s not the great today. It doesn’t need to define you in this moment.

In this blessed moment, you are wildly loved by your Creator. He sent Jesus to die for you. He created you in your mother’s womb. He delights in you right now, even if you’re harboring bad thoughts, even if you struggle with sin, even if you’re not perfect, even when others seem to succeed in chasing their dreams and you don’t. None of that matters. What matters is your worth, which is bestowed on you by Jesus.

The inferiority beast is only as big and menacing as you allow it to be. The more you give into it, the more it grows. The more you listen to those awful voices telling you you’re nothing, the louder the voices get and the more you believe them.

Stop feeding that beast. Train your mind to believe the truth. And be set free from inferiority right now.

Now, to truly live that and take my own medicine!