The importance of one

Oct 25, 2012Heal from the past, Kingdom Uncaged

I spoke with my friend Lisa Jo today. We chatted about marketing and numbers. And why numbers don’t matter but people do. And how success isn’t accomplishing X, but in being obedient to what Jesus calls you to do.

So refreshing.

And then I realized something. It’s so cool when you find or discover a biblical truth in the midst of community (and isn’t that just like Jesus to breathe theology through friendship?).

Here’s the truth I realized: When we think of the feeding of the 5,000, we focus on numbers. We extrapolate that there were 20,000 folks including women and children.

But we forget the one.

The one boy with the loaves and fishes.

What if Jesus forgot the one?

If He neglected the one, there wouldn’t be the 5,000 or the 20,000.

Stop and think about that a moment or one thousand.

One is important.

One is necessary.

One is everything.

Stop today and let go of the big numbers. If you’re a blogger, stop checking your stats. If you’re an author, quit looking at your Amazon numbers (I’m preaching at myself).

Think about, pray for, write for, reach for ONE. The boy standing off to the side with smelly fish and crusts of bread. The neglected one. The hungry one. The helpful one.

Remember the one.

Reach the one, reach the world.