The First Step To Published: A Book Proposal

Jun 19, 2013Write!

NonFictionButtonWant to Learn the Secret that All Published Authors Know About Selling a Book to a Publisher or an Agent?

It’s called a masterly crafted book proposal. It’s not rocket science, but it is a skill you’ll need to learn to go to the next level in your publishing career. Where can you get such skill? Glad you asked! I’ve created a well-researched, practical tool—a book proposal tutorial—that will teach you, step-by-step, how to develop that skill.

Using my own proposal-writing method, I have sold more than a dozen books to major publishing houses. And through this tutorial I have helped many new authors get published. Today I’m so busy writing and speaking that I’ve stepped down from mentoring writer. Offering this tool is my way to help you get published.

I’m thrilled to present this nonfiction proposal tutorial! Why? Because it will empower you to write the kind of proposal that grabs an agent or editor by the throat and won’t let go.

For $25.00, here’s what you get in the tutorial:

  1. How to write a query letter, complete with proper format and examples.
  2. Step by step teaching through each section of your proposal (Market Analysis, Comparative Analysis, Marketing, Alternate Titles, Etc.)
  3. Real-life proposal examples.
  4. A template in Microsoft Word that you can copy and paste into your own document. All you do is answer the questions and a proposal is born!
  5. Over 100 pages of instruction.




But don’t just take my word for it. Hear what industry professionals have to say:

Terry Glaspey

“Mary knows how to write a proposal that gets an editor’s attention: well-organized, persuasive, and with the information I need to make a decision.” Terry Glaspey Director of Acquisitions and Development Harvest House Publishers

Beth Jusino“As a literary agent, I saw a lot of proposals. Mary’s are top-notch—comprehensive, thoughtful, well written, and professional. I’m proud to send them to the best publishers in the business.” Beth Jusino, former Literary Agent

Andy Meisenheimer“Mary’s proposals include the straightforward facts that publishers need with a personable style that publishers want. Great research, great voice, great proposal. Mary does an excellent job selling herself without seeming to sell herself.” Andy

Ron Lee“Mary’s book proposals reflect her intelligence, wit, and charm, as well as her high level of craftsmanship as a writer. And just as important, her concepts are fresh. She has no interest in covering the same ground that has been plowed already by other authors. That’s important to a book editor who is glassy-eyed from reading stacks of proposals.” Ron Lee, senior editor, WaterBrook Multnomah

Still considering? See what other writers have to say:

Tracey BianchiMary’s focused, easy to follow proposal tutorial took my project from idea to paperback almost overnight. After reviewing my first try at the proposal my agent said it was one of the best proposals she’d seen. Two months later I had a contract for my first book. I am so thankful for Mary’s proposal tutorial. It is straightforward, professional, and Mary knows exactly how to help an author bring her/his voice to this document. Thanks Mary for making my first book, Green Mama, a reality! Tracey Bianchi — author, Green Mama: The Guilt Free Guide to Helping You and Your Kids Save the Planet (Zondervan).

Shannon Primicerio“After publishing 10 books I found myself in a rut. All of my new book proposals seemed stale and canned. Mary DeMuth’s How to Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal That Will Grab An Editor By The Throat (In a Good Way) is just what I needed. She provided clear and simple instruction that allowed me to add the right amount of pizzazz to my proposals. Now I’m able to make editors say, ‘Wow!’ too.” Shannon Primicerio, author of The Divine Dance, God Called a Girl and the True Life Bible Study series for teen girls

“As a new and inexperienced writer, Mary DeMuth’s non-fiction proposal tutorial gave me vital insider information into the proposal writing process. Now, over two years later, I still refer to it as I craft new proposals and refine old ones. An invaluable tool!” Michele Cushatt

Sarah Francis Martin“I successfully landed a literary agent! This non-fiction tutorial was instrumental in the process thus far. It is comprehensive and allows the author to creatively showcase their book concept. The book proposal that I ended up with after following Mary’s guidance will surely stand out in a slush pile. Worth every single penny!” Sarah Francis Martin

So, if you’re a self-starter who wants to tackle this book publishing thing with a terrific tool in your back pocket, simply purchase the nonfiction proposal tutorial (for nonfiction … I suppose that’s obvious) or the fiction proposal tutorial (if you’ve written a novel.)

A few points before you make your $25 purchase:

  1. If you’re writing nonfictionDO NOT WRITE THE WHOLE BOOK. Editors and agents only want your proposal plus three sample chapters.
  2. If you’re writing fiction, you MUST WRITE THE WHOLE BOOK. Novels are such difficult creatures that an editor must see you can pull off the entire story arc. Used to be you didn’t need a proposal. But in today’s publishing climate, it gives you the needed professional edge to grab an editor’s attention.
  3. Here’s the skinny: You either need to know how to sell your book or you don’t.  If you need to know, then my e-book will save you dozens of hours of time trying to figure out what every author already knows.  For the cost of a pair of movie tickets and a box of bad popcorn, I can teach you how to write a professional proposal.  That knowledge will last you a lot longer than the popcorn will.

Ready? All you need is a credit card. As soon as you order, you’ll receive a secret link to download the tutorial and a free Word download template. Happy proposal writing! And be sure to email me when you land an agent or a contract!