The Dream

Jun 4, 2010Find joy today

I awoke with that strange feeling that my dream was reality, only to find out it wasn’t. My family and I had moved into a huge house on several acres, but the previous owners had left a lot of their stuff everywhere. Apparently they had an open door policy with their friends and neighbors, so as I was sleeping, a woman came into my bedroom and told me it was time to wake up.

I didn’t know her. She was surprised to see me and not her friend in bed. I wore a nightgown and wanted to dress, but she wouldn’t leave. I couldn’t find any of my clothes, so I had to put on the former owner’s clothes, feeling strange and self conscious.

Then the former woman’s husband came in and told me all about his infidelity, wearing it like a badge of honor. Ew. All I wanted was for these strangers to leave. But more than that, I wanted my old life back, in my own home, with my own clothes. I wanted my smaller house and the comfort it afforded. Then I woke up.

So I’m starting the day with contentment. For a home that’s homey, a family that’s near, my own clothes, and no strangers coming in. Perhaps there’s some strange spiritual lesson in this dream. Perhaps I’ve worried too much about making money and this is my warning not to want something bigger. (Not that I want a different house.) I don’t know. Or maybe it’s the chicken I ate last night taking revenge on my dreams.

Or maybe it’s nothing at all.