The Day I Tried to be Ann Voskamp (and folks laughed at me)

Mar 1, 2011Family Uncaged, Find joy today, Write!

After a beautifully icy day, I decided to brave it alongside my daughter Sophie and her friend Shannon. The result was a little photo essay inspired by Ann Voskamp who always has amazing pictures and pithy, yet poetic words alongside her masterpieces. Ann is amazing. She’s written a beautiful, breathtaking book called One Thousand Gifts. If you haven’t read it, you really ought to.

A few hours after I posted my Ann-esque photo essay, my daughter laughed. And her friend too. My little poetic scribblings under the pictures struck them as funny. Sophie said something like, “It just sounded silly. It didn’t seem like you.” She laughed again.

Now before you think Sophie is a mean child who mocks her mother, I must assure you she is lovely and sweet and encouraging. So this made me look back at the post.

I laughed.


I’m not Ann Voskamp. There’s only one amazing Ann. And I’m not her. I’m Mary. Although I would love to live on a farm like Ann, or view the world the hopeful, sweet way she does, I don’t do either. (I live in the suburbs. I’m often pessimistic, unfortunately.)

What I learned: Be yourself. Be all you. It’s okay to try on another’s style, but don’t morph into someone you admire so much so that it’s like you’re wearing an itchy coat in summer. Wear what is you. Be who you are. Rejoice in the difference of others.


When have you tried to be like someone else? What happened? Learn anything?