The Buzz about Inside reNEWal

Nov 15, 2007Archive

The fourth edition of my monthly ezine Inside reNEWal came out today. The coolest thing? Folks emailed me how it affected them. That’s what I love about writing–sometimes, by God’s grace, our words touch others. Jesus, You get the glory!

  • Thanks for sharing your wise insights via our in-box. Regardless of how you title your e-zines or what your topic of the day may be, you are always interesting, on-target and worth reading. Thank you!
  • Thank you for delivering God’s grace to me today.
  • Your ezine was very timely and a real encouragement – thank you, Mary. Psalm 84, particularly verses 5 and 6 come to mind.
  • Thank you so much for this ezine. I had heard of you quite often . . . But I’d never really read anything you wrote—until now. Wow, now I understand why people just love to read your work. You write like I’d like to write. With vulnerability, ease, and heart. Like Max Lucado and Phil Yancey and Mark Buchanan—you let your soul spill out on the page.
  • Oh Mary, I’m so glad that I’m on your mailing list! You make me rich with riches beyond material things.

The Lord knew I needed some encouragement today. And if you’d like some too, feel free to go to and sign up for Inside reNEWal on the upper right hand side of the page. If you’d like a copy of today’s edition, email me at maryedemuth at and I’ll send one your way. Here’s a little sneak peek of the first article:

A lot of the imagery for God rests in mountains. David lifts his eyes to the hills where his help comes from. God resides in Mount Zion. We are told to ascend the mountain of the Lord. We equate God’s spontaneous and amazing presence with the climb, the heights, the glory of His presence in thinner air. And indeed, the higher we climb, the closer we come to touching heaven, the nearer we are to tasting eternity. This is part of our pursuit, part of being an active Christians.

Yet real life happens in the ordinariness of the valleys, and this is where we tend to faint. On the mountains we often feel blissfully close to God’s presence only to find ourselves parched and needy in the step-by-step plodding of daily life. Is it even possible to taste the abundance of God’s presence in the valleys of life?


But how?