Webinar: The Busy Author’s Guide to Popularity and Profit on Pinterest

Apr 8, 2013Work Uncaged, Write!


I came to Pinterest as a newbie, knowing very little about it. In fact, I had a few boards up with my book covers, which (not surprisingly) had very little interaction and certainly no benefit to MaryDeMuth.com’s statistics. I’d read about Pinterest and its crazy-wild potential, so I started experimenting in December with it. Soon after, I read a marvelous ebook by Melissa Taylor called Pinterest Savvy that answered many of my questions and helped me understand its inner workings.

And then I went crazy (in a cool, not a straight-jacketed, way). I saw my pageviews on my website, which had stagnated for a YEAR, quadruple. All because I did a few strategic thing with the mighty Pinterest. (May the Pin be With You!)

So now I want to help you. I’m doing a webinar in conjunction with Author Media about maximizing your platform by using Pinterest.

Webinar: The Busy Author’s Guide to Popularity and Profit on Pinterest. April 15th at 7:00 PM CST.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A free PDF with all the information we share with you via the webinar. (This is gold…where to get free pictures, how specifically to make a pin, how to grow your biz using Pinterest, etc.)
  • 7 Free Tools You Can Use to Make Pinnable Images
  • How to Add a Pin It Button to Your Blog
  • How To Grow Your Following on Pinterest
  • How to use Pinterest to hyperdrive your website traffic. (another geeky nod to Star Wars)
  • How to Track the # of People Pin Your Website
  • How to determine your personal ROI for Pinterest
  • How to maximize your effectiveness while minimizing time spent on Pinterest
  • Winning pinning strategies for both novelists and nonfiction writers (or anyone in business).

The webinar is $15 bucks, and we’re hosting it on April 15th at 7 PM CST in honor of the IRS. 🙂 If this intrigues you, click here to register. If you can’t make that time, but you still register, we’ll send you a link after the webinar to listen to it at your convenience. There will be some really cool freebies, and even a surprise guest (sorry, not Han Solo), so register soon. We have a limited number of spots.

Because I’ve learned this fresh and found success quickly, I’m a good coach to help you also find the time and the will to pin with pzazz and watch your website traffic grow.