The Blonde DVD whisperer

Mar 4, 2008Archive

There once lived a blond girl named Julia who jumped up and down as if the earth were her trampoline when Pippin, the big red dog, came into her life. She took Pippin to walks in the park, showing him off to everyone. She “trained” him to fetch a yellow tennis ball.

Then one day, the little blond girl made a discovery. Pippin the big red dog did not like to drop the tennis ball, which made for an icky retrieval method (small hand in wet, slobbery, dog-breath-laden mouth). “Ew,” Julia cried. “This has got to stop!”

But Pippin kept his ball in cheek, smiling and happily drooling, his prized tennis ball well entrapped in the hollows of his mouth. With a vice grip, he would not let go no matter how many gymnastics or verbal assault the young girl would send his way.
Until she miraculously found the cure. DVDs.
How she contrived this training method, only the fairies know, because the moment she held up a DVD and wiggled it back and forth, Pippin dropped the ball. Each and every time.
Now Julia, who has deemed herself “The DVD Whisperer” throws the yellow ball high in the air. Pippin, like an obedient circus dog, snatches it in his wet, smelly mouth. Julia thrusts a DVD in the air, wiggling it back and forth and firmly says, “Drop it.” Which Pippin does. On and on they go, in trained dog and master bliss.
Julia’s mommy is unsure what this means for future careers. Will Julia become a technology wielding dog trainer? A comedienne? A dog whisperer? Hard to tell at this age. But I do know this: Julia’s quirky, happy, funny personality is mirrored in Pippin’s. They are kindred spirits, those two. And maybe that’s why Julia could wiggle anything in the air, and Pippin would obey.