The Beauty of Work

Sep 6, 2006Write!

Welcome to another edition of the Carnival of Beauty, put on by Sallie at A Gracious Home. This week’s topic? The Beauty of Work. And I have a nice line up for you.

You can catch my entry below . . . all about the surprise it was to me that I had it in me to be a workaholic, and how God is stretching me.

And here’s the rest of the lineup:

  • Sandra Glahn
    Aspire2: Engaging the Culture on Issues that Matter
    “Time Off”
    Nobody works harder than Americans. Consider the wisdom of Dorothy L. Sayers, Lauren Winner, and Eugene Peterson about how we should rightly view our work and our rest.
  • Jennifer
    Snapshot (
    Working Hard or Hardly Working
    Jennifer, at Snapshot looks at her own work habits in Working Hard or Hardly Working.
  • Amanda
    Name of blog: following an unknown path
    Title of blog entry: Amanda, at following an unknown path, shares some of what she has been questioning as she learns what it means to both work heartily and to anticipate rest in her post “Work and Rest.”
  • Ellen. Blog:
    Post name: Work, Work, Work
    Ellen is looking forward to a challenging semester, and explores priorities in “Work, Work, Work”.’