The $28 Bedroom Remodel Revealed!

Sep 17, 2012Family Uncaged

It’s been over five years in this house, the longest I’ve lived in the 45 wandering years I’ve paced this earth. In that beauty of being settled and feeling home, nesting wooed me. Not that I’m having a baby. No, not that. But that God is doing new things, birthing new directions. And I want that reflected in the way I decorate my house.

Our room has always been a haven. And I liked it fine, but it felt dark to me. The bed and side tables were black (as they were in France) and I wanted light.

The problem? Stupid old finances. I can’t remodel with loads of moolah. I have to do it nearly free. So this is what I did with $28. I hoped to do it for free, but I didn’t have the right kind of white paint for the bed and side tables. Had to buy paint with primer, so that’s why I spent 28. The other things came in fun ways. The room isn’t complete (is a room ever complete?) but I love-love-love it.

It makes me happy to do something creative other than writing. It fuels me.

{Aside for you: What are you doing right now that invigorates you? That makes you feel wholly alive? What’s holding you back from doing something joyful for yourself?}

Here’s my inspiration for my room:

And here it is in all it’s green/blackness:

And here’s proof that things lived under my bed:

And here’s the yellow taking over. (I had a really bright yellow I used for my kitchen, which I toned down with white I already had).

And here’s the fun spraying time I had in the garage. (Yes, I did get white paint particles everywhere, even though I draped things. Proof I’m not a perfectionist.)

And here’s the end result. 🙂

Another angle.

I created the curtains with fabric I got free on Amazon (gift certificate). The mirror above the bed was free as well because I sold books at Half Price Books and used the cash to purchase it. The linens I had. The rocker is my great grandmother’s. I’m so glad it found a home there. I painted the lamps white. And the red pillows came from France. They just needed to be washed.

So there you go! A $28 bedroom makeover. It’s sunny and happy and joyful. And so am I.

Q4u: What fun/cool/artsy thing can you do today that will bring joy to your life?