That Darned Will of Mine

Mar 28, 2007Archive

So yeah, I ran another 3.5 miles.

Then, as I readied myself for Mount Hermon, I put candy in date-and-name-labeled eggs for each child for every day I’ll be gone. I want them to know I’ll miss them and that I’m thinking about them.

But I cheated, folks.

A York peppermint patty here, a truffle kiss there. A Swedish fish, a sweet-tart. A gummy worm, another truffle kiss. I blew my run by eating sugar! What’s wrong with me?

I realize how very human I am. I know I should consume whole grains, no sugar, lots of veggies and fruit, organic meat, organic everything, a bajillion gallons of water, nuts, fish, brown rice, and probably gruel, but I don’t always. I do it for awhile, then a Swedish fish stares at me and I politely hook it, chew it, smile, and go on with my day. I’m a Barbarian!

What do I have to show for it? A sugar high, then low. Sugar burps (ew!) that remind me of my treachery. And a guilty conscience. I’m sure tonight I’ll dream about giant lollipops consuming me, spitting me out at the beginning of CandyLand, never to meet with Queen Frostine.

I need to go chew on celery.