Thank You Jesus For:

Jun 4, 2006Heal from the past

  1. Uni-nostril. I was going to complain that one of my nose-openings is completely clogged, but in the spirit of gratitude, I’m thankful that one is opened, allowing air into my happy lungs.
  2. Melons. French, in particular. Wow. Like heaven in your mouth. For those of you poor Americans sufficing yourselves with tasteless melons, I’m so sorry. French melons are beautiful…
  3. My responsible son. “I can do it,” he told me. I worried. He begged. So I sent him to the pizza place about a block or so away. He ordered pizzas for the family and came home. One of Aidan’s resolutions this year was to “learn to make wise choices.” I love that he’s growing up, making wise choices, and learning responsibility.
  4. Flowers. I have geraniums gracing the window boxes on my kitchen window. They make me smile.
  5. The mountains around us. Though running hills is hard, I’m thankful for topography. After six years in Texas where the only elevation came when we drove on a particularly tall overpass, I am thankful for mountains and hills.
  6. The Mediterranean Sea. It’s blue. So blue. And beautiful.
  7. Sophie’s heart. She loves to share Jesus with her friends, not in an in-your-face way, but a simple, drawing way. She’s my hero.
  8. A computer that works. One is down, but my laptop is humming, thankfully. And I’m much better about backing everything up.
  9. A finished parenting book. Yahooooooo.
  10. A husband who adores me and tells me I look younger than I am.
  11. That, although our station wagon always-always-always has 26 LARGE bird poops splattered everywhere (we have to park under a tree), it runs.
  12. Julia’s recent baptism. A stellar and beautiful event. “I met Jesus March 1st,” she said simply.
  13. That I had a terrific talk with my friend Hud yesterday.
  14. That my friend Laina liked the flowers I sent for her birthday. Made my day.
  15. Jesus loves me, this I know.
  16. We’ve been well-supplied and, by God’s grace, haven’t had to worry lately about money–a huge blessing for a missionary family on support.
  17. I love my little kitchen. Though I bark at the kids from time to time when they’re underfoot, I’m thankful for a gas cooktop, a great oven, and almost-enough counter space.
  18. Music. I’ve lost a bit of my worshippy-singing self, but I sense it’s coming back.
  19. A little nook in the corner of our bedroom that makes me smile. It’s where I write.
  20. My extended family in Washington state. We miss you.