Thank you Jeff and Rory

Apr 3, 2005Family Uncaged, Find joy today

A breath of spring air. That’s Jeff and Rory Lavender.

I fell apart last week on the heels of coming back to France. And then I fell down the stairs. Jeff and Rory drove over and prayed for me. They listened. They cried. They prayed some more.

They’ve lived in France 15 years. All during that time they have planted many seeds, allowing the Lord to water them and bring them to fruition. Patrick and I believe we are here because of their faithful prayers. They’ve prayed that more workers would come to this corner of the world. What a humbling thing to be an answer to someone’s prayers!

And today, they threw an amazing party–a celebration to thank their friends and say goodbye to France. We were privileged to be a part of their gathering even though we’ve only known them a few months. We ate. We talked. At our table, Patrick and I met new people, folks who were energized about Jesus and France, and we left feeling full–both relationally and physically!

And then we danced. It was a fitting goodbye where 70 or so friends joyfully jigged to BeeGees and Abba. Something in my heart danced while my feet carried some of my sadness away. Jeff came to me and said, “See, you can have fun here!” We hugged them both, tears kept back. What a beautiful example of invigorated living. How we will miss these dear people who’ve touched our lives just a few months!

The word we keep bouncing back and forth is legacy. Jeff and Rory have left a beautiful legacy here. With bowed knee, we are picking up the baton and carrying on.

Their dancing shoes are hard to fill, though. We’ll miss you Jeff and Rory.