Jan 5, 2007Uncategorized

My tears are capricious, fickle things. They certainly don’t obey me. They spill out at any moment, through joy and sorrow. I think this is just part of the transition process.

One friend, “You look sad. Are you okay? How can I pray for you?” The tenderness in her voice made me hold back the tears that wet the corners of my eyes.

Two friends shared great words about us not being failures for returning from the mission field. This time a tear spilled.

Today I received a surprising check and a gift card for dinner. Another tear, this time alone.

I walked through our possible new home today. No tears, just a wide, happy smile. We may be able to settle down soon.

When I met Julia’s teacher, I couldn’t help but suck in a breath while tears troubled my eyes. She was sweet. She stooped low to Julia’s level, told her how happy she was to have Julia in her class. I never saw such kindness in Julia’s teachers in France. She bubbled her way through this week, exclaiming how much she loves school. Oh Jesus, thank You. Thank You.

Whenever my friend Sandi prays for me, tears come.

I cry because God is just so good. So, so, so good. Even in the midst of tumult and turbulence, He is good. He sends the Body of Christ to our aid, full of hugs, and encouragement and gifts. I’m baffled by His generosity. And so very thankful.