Tangible Jesus

Oct 10, 2008Archive

I reversed my run today so I could race toward the sunrise instead of away from it. What a splendid sky the Lord created! As I crested a hill, I saw a silhouette of someone walking toward me. The newborn sun streamed from behind. For a hushed moment, I wondered what it would be like to meet Jesus, as if He were truly walking toward me this morning.

But the walker wasn’t Jesus.

The scenario caused me to think about how my life would be lived if I believed in His tangibility. (Of course I know the Holy Spirit takes up tangible residence inside me, but to truly, truly think of Jesus hanging out here in the flesh today overwhelms me–in a good way.) What would life be like if I saw Jesus everywhere?

And then I remembered that Jesus is on the face of the poor, the downtrodden, the widow, the orphan. I will probably see Him today, if I keep a look out. And I pray that I’ll be able to recognize Him, shed my selfishness, and do the things that would make Him proud.

One can only hope.