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I received this great advice from a friend re: circles

I received this piece of great advice from Karen Rabbitt, author of Trading Fathers. She’s given me permission to post it. Hi Mary, Re: nourishing yourself while nourishing others. First, I applaud the humility that prompts you to ask for advice. That shows a recognition of your own limits. That understanding, of course, is the […]

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Blogging 101: Marketing

Jill, in my last post, asked for blogging advice. So, here are some relevant tips for blogging AND marketing. I hope this helps, Jill! Since I live in France and make my living (if you can call it that at this stage in my career) selling books in America, I’ve had to become creative in […]

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Tips for Writers: Be Professional

I suppose this sounds weird, but I didn’t hear this advice from anyone when I started writing. I guess this would be the advice I intrinsically followed and would pass on to new writers: 1. Be professional. Always. Don’t print business cards on your printer. Go to vistaprint.com or printingforless.com and have them professionally printed. […]

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