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I don’t deserve dryer sheets, and other weird Mary quirks

So I’m in the grocery store today, facing an internal battle. It went something like this: My brain: “Mary, it would be fun to buy dryer sheets, make your clothes soft and smell nice.” My neurosis: “No. That costs too much money and it’s entirely unnecessary. Don’t you know it’s time to pinch pennies, not […]

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Three Legged Dog Phenomena

My blog and website have a counter on them. Occasionally I scroll through StatCounter and see where folks have come from for a visit. People come to my blog and website for various reasons, but the number one reason visit my website is this search: THREE LEGGED DOG I have a story on my site […]

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French Riots

Patrick and I have received several emails from folks back home wondering how we are doing amid the violent riots erupting around France. We are fine. We live near Nice and Cannes where some mischief has occurred (over 100 fires, 37 cars burned in Nice on Saturday), but not on the same scale as Paris. […]

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