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I’m Back!

I’m back! After two grueling but wonderful weeks in the US, I am back on French soil, elated to see my husband and children. What a wonderful gift they all are to me. Isn’t God good? In Texas, I spoke around a dozen times to groups in our church, updating folks on our lives in […]

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Writing in a box of Wheat Thins–A Diatribe on Branding

I write this, I am in cracker nirvana. WHEAT THINS!!! Oh, how I’ve missed them, and oh how lovely they are today. Crunchy. Slightly sweet. Salty. Beautiful little squares. The French are amazing at creating cheese so lovely it makes one cry, bread so crusty it makes one sing, wine so . . . oops. […]

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Halleluia! We got our carte de sejour, that elusive piece of paper that makes us legal residents of France. I’d explain the process to you, but then I’d have to kill you. (Actually, it’s so tedious, you’d drop off to sleep as you read this.) I will give you a highlight though. We’ve been twice […]

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