A Great Opportunity in Seattle

My friend Dave McIlrath will be hosting a Christian Coach Training Workshop in Seattle on April 27-29th. You can find out more information here. Dave is a terrific guy and very gifted and passionate about what he does as a life...

Do our books reflect the intelligence of Jesus?

I remember hearing a sermon by my friend JR about the fact that Jesus was intelligent. Somehow we forget that. We see His mercy, His strength, His joy, His resolve, His selflessness, but we forget that He is/was/will be the most intelligent being ever to walk this...

Interview by Mick Silva

Mick Silva, friend and fellow rebel, has interviewed moi on his blog “Your Writers Group.” Stop on by and read our crazy bantering.

A Compelling Post

A friend of mine broke her clavicle while falling down the stairs. In the midst of recuperation, God is teaching her much. Read her rich words here.