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Beauty in 103

God is so good. We’ve been loved well here in Texas. I’m utterly infatuated with Texans, particularly those dear folks who go to our church. We’ve been here nearly a week. People have watched our kids, taken us out to eat (thank you to all of you), invited us into their homes, and mostly they […]

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Hats Cast Off

Those of you who know me know that I’ve struggled as the New Year dawned with too many hats. Far too many for one girl. So I’ve worried and prayed and pled. Today, Jesus brilliantly answered my heart cries for rest. Worship: I wear the worship leading hat on our church planting team. I love […]

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We’re Under a Curfew, Folks!

We're Under a Curfew, Folks!

Here is the Nice Matin paper that was vandalized/burned in Grasse, a little over ten minutes from our home. I just saw this article about the French Riviera being under curfew because of the violence. You can read it here. And to celebrate, we’re going out to dinner! Silly us! Actually, we have some folks […]

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