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France glimpse 1: without words

I’m revising some old posts from our time in France to give you a glimpse of what our lives were like there, as well as to highlight some of the lessons I learned. I still don’t write publicly about how our time went there, but I’m comfortable with this week’s glimpse. I’ve kept the comments […]

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The land of forgetfulness

I have been living in the land of forgetfulness. Something happened to my wee brain when we crossed the great Atlantic. Now assaulted by the breeze of the Mediterranean sea, I am forgetting everything: Where I put important papers. Patrick and I joke that there is an evil vortex in our home, one consisting of […]

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An IHF Day

Not too long ago, I recounted my maddening French day to my husband who then detailed to an acquaintance of ours. She said, quite matter-of-factly, “Oh, tell her she’s had an IHF day.” “What?” my husband asked. “IHF. I hate France,” as if that was all the explanation needed. And it was. I had another […]

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