A Sweet Letter

Jun 20, 2014Not Marked

I received this email this week, and asked Kim’s permission to share it. She graciously said yes. Maybe you don’t have my story, but you do have pain in your past.

Dear Mary DeMuth,

Thank you for being vocal when abuse would make you silent.
Thank you for speaking out when abuse would sooner cut your tongue out.
Thank your for showing Jesus’ love to your abusers when Satan would have you hate.

My story is not the same as yours but the fallout is the same…shame.  guilt…degradation…loss of innocence…loss of soul.

I grew up with the message that I was strong so therefore I could take whatever was given.
I grew up being trained that incest was okay and that my strong feelings against it were wrong.
I grew up being afraid of the snap of a belt, a tender touch of a hand, dark rooms, curtained windows.
I grew up loving my abusers, not understanding my abusers, giving the benefit of the doubt to my abusers…all the while not loving myself, not understanding my actions, not giving myself the benefit of the doubt.

I was less than nothing.

Thank you for helping me see that I am here and that I do indeed count for something.

I don’t know if you personally see your emails anymore but I felt compelled to write back to you.


To my readers: YOU ARE HERE on this earth for a reason. You count for something, for everything. Don’t listen to the lies (from the pit of hell) that you are less than, worthless, or discarded. No. No. No. You are worth protecting. You will get through this. You will heal. Rest there.


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