Susan Meissner is a Fun Poet

Jan 24, 2006Write!

I just finished reading Susan Meissner’s book In All Deep Places. Here is my response to her beautiful book:

Lyrically written, sensitively wrought, Susan Meissner’s In All Deep Places captivated me from page one. Meissner’s strength is displaying the inner emotional landscape of her characters, this time putting the reader in the head of a male protagonist. Woven in such a way that beckons instead of dictates, Meissner’s message of redemption and heaven will stay with the reader long after she puts the book down.

So I sent Susan an email with the review. She wrote back and said how she pined for Southern France. I responded with a terribly written poem:

Come away, come away to the South of France
Where wine and cheese flow free with romance
And we will laugh and cheer and dance
And you could rent a beautiful manse

And she responded with this:

Provence, it calls, it speaks my name
In lilting tones it makes its claim

Come, enjoy a cafe au lait
With lovely Mary in Le Rouret

Oh, the tyranny of daily chores
That keep me from Provencal shores

To be a bird, to fly uncaged
My restless soul at last assuaged!

I said she should post that on her blog, but she said she didn’t have a blog. But THIS is how she said it:

I do not blog, I fear the chore
Of writing, always writing more

The WIP would suffer, and whipped I’d be
Were I to blog with consistency

And so I post on the blogs of others
Even though if I had my druthers

I’d have a 30-hour day
Where I could blog, and write, and play

And everything would still get done
No stress, no piles, no on the run

I like your blog, and Kelli’s and Mick’s
Within the postings I get my kicks

Someday perhaps when life slows a bit
I’ll start the blog and pray for wit

To make it sparkle in the vast blogosphere
Where it seems one more blog’s not needed here!

So, I asked if I could post her poetry of France and blogdom here. She, kindly, said yes. Stop on by at her website ( and order a few books! She’s so fun and her writing is lovely.