How to get Pray Every Day on any device

Feb 9, 2018Find joy today

If you have Alexa (Amazon Echo), you can easily subscribe to the daily prayer podcast here.

If you’d rather listen on your phone, follow these instructions. First, look at your phone. What kind of phone is it? This is important!

To subscribe:

Open up this post on your phone. (Well, you probably already have. Sorry for redundancies). Or, if you are interested in another podcast, simply google the name and find the website where it’s hosted. For instance, I like Daily Audio Bible, and I would go here to subscribe. The other option is to open up your existing podcast app on your phone and search for the name of the podcast. Click it. BOOM! You’re subscribed.

But if you don’t want to be bothered by that, here’s what you can do to subscribe to Pray Every Day.

Look at the graphic below. Ponder your life for a few seconds. Thank God for a blessing or two. Now touch the button that best corresponds to your phone.

  • iphone: purple
  • android: green
  • email: blue
  • google phone (or any other device you have google running): orange
  • any phone: teal
  • any phone: mint
  • if you’d like to get it as an rss feed: yellow
Pray Every Day
Pray Every Day
Mary DeMuth

Pray through the Bible verse by verse with Mary DeMuth. When life overwhelms you, unburden yourself through prayer and experience God's nearness. God is listening.

Each button will hand-hold you through the process of subscribing. Most likely, you will find Pray Every Day in an app (a your-phone-specific podcast app). If you turn on notifications, you’ll be notified when each day’s prayer drops.

To play:

  1. Click your podcast app.
  2. Find the Pray Every Day graphic (look for that ferny-thing!)
  3. Touch today’s episode.
  4. Push the sideways triangle to play it.
  5. Listen.
  6. Be encouraged and empowered.
  7. Smile.

That’s it. Simple as pie (though making a pie can be tricky).


  1. Okujagu Diepiriye Chenaboso

    Since the 3rd of February 2018 i subscribed to every Monday Pray Everyday and the introduction of the Daily Prayers, my life has been richly blessed and touched by God. I am very grateful to God for Mary DeMuth and what He is using her to do in the lives of people all over america and even here in Nigeria by this everyday prayers. I listen to it every day and also read the every Monday Prayers. I always look forward to it every day. Thank you and keep up the good work. God will continue to bless you and sustain this work in Jesus Name. Amen. Okujagu, Diepiriye Chenaboso from Nigeria, Rivers State.

    • Mary DeMuth

      This is a huge answer to prayer for me, Okujagu. Thank you for letting me know that the prayers have reached Nigeria!