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Apr 11, 2012Heal from the past

Meet Rita Schulte!  She is a counselor who is passionate about matters of the heart. She has a terrific site called Sifted as Wheat. Her desire is to help people find hope and healing through the losses of life. And she hosts a podcast worth subscribing to where she talks to guests who are equally as passionate in helping listeners break free from pain and thrive in the moment.

“On the Heartline Podcast, I talk to some of the leading professionals in the Christian counseling and literary world about cutting edge issues affecting the hearts and lives of all of us today,” Rita said.

Tune into and subscribe to the Heartline Podcast on iTunes (Heartlinepodcast). Or visit Rita’s website here.

Some specific, favorite podcasts:

Sometimes we just need an inspiring story to help us know we’re not alone. Rita’s podcasts fill that need. Find hope and encouragement today.