Stunned by Pastor M’s Story

Oct 18, 2011Find joy today, Heal from the past, Kingdom Uncaged

Yesterday I received an email from a dear, dear man I met when Aidan and I ventured to Ghana four years ago. Pastor M loves Jesus. He spends His life sharing Jesus with kids around several villages, and as he does so, he sees all sorts of people come to Christ. He exudes Jesus. He has suffered for Christ, and he takes many risks for the sake of Jesus (which is why I am not using his name or portrait on this blog). I adore him.

So imagine my joy when I received this surprising email from him:

Dear Mary,

I send you greetings from my family. I am actually writing to let you know what your life have made an impact in my life and many other people. On Sunday the 16th October i was not able to attend Church service because i was having malaria and became so weak that i have to stay home to have some rest after taking in medicine,while i was resting i tune in my tv set to a Nigeria channel on my multi TV, the programme on the channel was turning point,people were sharing testimonies about their lives and what the Lord has done for them. Suddenly you appeard on the programme and share your life testimony, Mary,i want you to know that you have a wonderful testmony and whatever happend to you in your early life was part of your success and victory story, in fact you have put the devil to shame by the testimony you have. When i was listing to you it was like sitting by you person to person,i also want you to understand that it wa because of your testimony that the Lord plan for me to stay home this Sunday so that you could minister to me by being a blessing to me through your testimony,you spoke and inspired my life the more.I was proud to see my own friend and sister on TV channel speaking to millions of people in the world.

Thank you very much Mary for that powerful testimony you shared to the entire world,because if i could sit in this small and remote village in Tarikpaa and listen to you on that day, i know for sure that they were millions of people who also watch you at the same time around the world.God bless you.

I am proud of you and will always be proud of you. Extend my regards to your beautiful family.

Bye and God bless you,

Pastor M

He was referring to my little stint on the 700 Club last spring. What are the odds of him seeing that show this month?

God has been doing all these amazing things in my life. I’m humbled and awed and appreciative. He’s letting me know all this is not for nothing. In addition to this email, God’s sent me many more through various people, confirming that I’m to keep going, keep being faithful, keep sharing the truth.

I pray this for you, too, that God would specifically encourage you this week, that He’d show you that your labor is not in vain.

And as He does that, will you please pray for Pastor M, that God would heal him of his bout with Malaria?


How have you struggled lately? And how has God specifically encouraged you?