Stuff that Piggy!

Jan 5, 2010Family Uncaged

Rolled Stuffed Pork Loin

Guests will think you worked hard on this one. Be sure to throw some flour on your face to accomplish the deception.

1 3-5 pound pork loin roast
¾ cup pitted prunes (or you can substitute ½ cup dried cranberries)
¼ cup red wine
¼ cup walnuts, pine nuts, pecans, or hazelnuts
½ apple, cored and cute into cubes
4 Tbs. Dijon mustard

To prepare roast: With a sharp knife, cut roast into one long, wide strip as if you are uncoiling a cinnamon roll. The initial incision should be one inch thick. The roast will lay flat when you are finished.

Place prunes, wine, nuts and apple in food processor and process until smooth, 30 seconds. (If you don’t have a processor, chop the prunes, nuts and apples by hand, place in a bowl and stir wine through.)

Spread stuffing over roast and roll it back onto itself, securing with butcher’s string (or any non-hairy string . . . Yarn doesn’t work!) Spread Dijon mustard over top and sides of secured roast.

Place roast in a roasting pan that has been slightly greased with olive oil. Bake at 325 degrees for 1-½ hours or until the internal temperature reaches …degrees. A five pound roast will take ½ hour longer. Slice vertically to show the roulade of the meat and fruit.

Conversation starter: Remake the rhyme “This little piggie went to market.”