Studying Esther Part Deux

Oct 30, 2005Family Uncaged

Today for church, while Patrick spoke to ten Sunday School classes at Lakepointe Church in Texas, we continued our study of Esther. The kids and I read chapters one and two together. We talked about the amazing God-ordained circumstances in the book. And we thought about how Esther was like Cinderella. Then, as part of our SoulPerSuit study, we made Esther (and Mordecai for Aidan) paper dolls. Here is our handiwork: 

Mary’s Esther

Julia’s Esther

Aidan’s Mordecai


Sophie’s Esther

Then, the kids made playing card-sized pictures of Esther’s qualities. Here are their cards:


They used words like kind, good, courageous, gentle, brave, pretty, giving, stubborn and nice.

It was a blast creating with my children. Not only did we chat as we cut and pasted, but the children will have something tangible after the lesson to remember it. SoulPerSuit is not only a wonderful way for me to connect with Jesus, but it can also be a tremendous family activity.