Stretch Goals: Not Marked

Sep 10, 2013Heal from the past, Write!


As you may know, Not Marked reached 100% of its funding on Thursday, September 5th, twenty days before the end of the campaign. Amazing! The next phase of the project is stretch goals.

What are stretch goals?

Stretch goals expand the campaign and help get the book into more hands. The cool thing for you (if you’re a backer) is that stretch goals, if met, simply add to your rewards. For instance, if I reach the $25,000 goal, every single backer will receive an audio book.

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce the crazy-audacious stretch goals for Not Marked. I’m beyond surprised and grateful for the support that’s come in so far. Reading your comments has really blessed me. As I’m writing this, Not Marked is with my substantive editor. I spent the weekend tweaking and editing it before I sent it her way.

Here are our stretch goals for Not Marked.


If we can make it to $15,000, I’ll add a question and answer chapter to the book that include backer’s questions. That means YOU can ask the question that’s been burning inside you, and I’ll answer it. I’ve begun compiling questions, and am really excited about the possibility of answering many of yours.


If we stretch to $17,000, I’ll create an exclusive webinar just for backers where I share more about the book, the process of writing it, and how I believe it will help people overcome their own sexual abuse story. I’ll also stay on the line an additional hour to answer your questions. This will be recorded and added to the audio book (if we fund that level).


If things get wild and we make it to $19,000, I’ll be super excited because then I’ll have the space to create a study guide for the book. This will be the e-version of the study guide, and all backers will receive it. My hope is that there will be Not Marked groups around the nation, and this study guide will help facilitate open discussion and growth.


If we move beyond that level to $21,000, I’ll create an additional bonus chapter for all backers about a process of processing grief over sexual abuse. I can’t write much more than that, other than it’s pretty exciting.


My joy bubble will burst if support reaches $23,000 because then I get to provide all of you with another webinar about learning to create boundaries with bestselling author Allison Bottke. As I wrote Not Marked, I realized afresh that sexual abuse victims have a hard time discerning who is safe and who is not. And they struggle with creating safe boundaries around themselves. Allison and I will help all backers create healthy boundaries. And we’ll take your questions at the end. (This, too, will be added to the audio book).

And drumroll please…..


The awesome sauce level is $25,000. Why? Because then I’ll be able to professionally produce the Not Marked audio book. If this funds, every single backer will receive the audio recording, ready for your listening pleasure. (Hint: Maybe I can even convince my hubby to read his part!)

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