Still Praying through this Podcast

May 25, 2015Uncaged Podcast

In my ongoing need to focus and discern how to best use my time, I continue to pray about the future of the Uncaged Podcast. I’d appreciate your prayers, too, as I am just not sure what is next. The podcast takes time and money, both things I don’t have a lot of. And yet, I really love doing it, and I appreciate all the positive feedback I’ve received from you.

An aside that may be related: I’ve been moving more and more toward speaking to groups, which has brought great joy. As an author, God burns messages on my heart. I write them, find a publisher, and then a year to two years later the book is in your hands. A few months after that, I finally get to see whether this message has traction and hear your stories about it.

The beauty of speaking is its immediacy. I can interact with an audience and people in that audience (by listening to stories and praying) and immediately discern the impact. I can see folks, walk alongside, and interact.

This is also not true for podcasting. It feels very one-way to me, as does writing.

As a person who loves people, who is by nature a connector and one who comes alive when I’m praying for someone, live audiences seem to be the best fit for me. (If you’re looking to book me as a speaker, here’s the place to find out more.)

So I continue to press in, pray, and discern what is next, not wanting to let go of this podcast, but not sure if it’s wise to continue. Which is why I’d so appreciate your prayers.