Stephanie Garneau’s Thin Place: Seemingly Insignificant

Sep 4, 2010Archive

Another She Speaks Conference graduate shares a Thin Place experience from the conference. Stephanie Garneau also writes at The Gems Ministry Blog. Here’s how you can share a Thin Place God created for you. Look for Thin Places Thursday starting next week.


An ornately decorated pink notepad. Seemingly insignificant. Ordinary.

Yet as Karen True stated simply at the She Speaks 2010 conference, God often chooses to do extraordinary things with ordinary objects like Moses’ staff, David’s five stones, and Samson’s long hair.

And that is exactly what He did with my little pink notepad. Extraordinary things.

You see, Diana, my partner in ministry and sweet sister in Christ, gave me this notepad last year as part of a care package for She Speaks 2009.

It sat unused during last year’s conference and all throughout this year. Forgotten.

But God had big plans for my forgotten notepad. After arriving at the hotel Thursday for the 2010 conference, the group of ladies I rode with from the airport all decided to have lunch together. We were earthly strangers but heavenly sisters. As we sat at the round table sharing our hearts, Jeri Lynn mentioned a particular Bible she thought I’d enjoy. The Key Word Study Bible.

As I pulled out my tiny tablet to write down the reference, Jeri Lynn said, “Let me see that notepad. I have one just like it!” And then Elisa, who was sitting next to me, said “I have one of those too!” Three of the four of us had the exact same notepad. We marveled at the sovereignty of God. But the story gets better.

When I pulled out my notepad after lunch to write down the room numbers of my new girlfriends, we stood in awe of God’s power once again.

605, 609, 614, 615.

Out of 608 women from 48 states, God saw it fit to put us all on the same hallway at the Embassy Suites. According to Renee Swope, the Executive Director of Devotions and Radio Ministries for Proverbs 31, even the Proverbs 31 speaker team doesn’t get to be on the same floor!

And then I heard God whisper, “Stephanie. I concern myself with every detail of your life. I am a God of details. No matter what happens this weekend, your times are in my HAND. Don’t ever forget it!”

Maybe today you feel forgotten. Unnoticed. Insignificant.

Never forget that you are God’s masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus to do the work He predestined for you before He spoke the foundations of the world into existence. (Ephesians 2:10)

He has a magnificent plan for your life. He holds every second of your time in one hand (Psalm 31:15). And He loves you deeply.