Speaking Vs. Busy Family

Jun 7, 2010Family Uncaged, Kingdom Uncaged

I love to speak. Love to share what Jesus is doing in my heart and life. There was a time when I aggressively pursued speaking engagements, believing them to be my pathway to more book sales. While speaking is probably the best way to sell books, I soon got overwhelmed with travel and preparations. As a result, I’ve let go a bit.

Why? First because God has slowed me down, thankfully.

Second, because my kids are important to me. Now that all three are in secondary schools, it seems their need for an available Mommy who listens is escalated. Next year my eldest daughter graduates from high school. I need to be there, savoring every moment.

I’ve learned to rest in the pace of life God assigns to me. And I get excited to see how He brings in speaking engagements. I am also embracing the whimsical way He provides financially for our family.

Rest is a good thing. There will be time for me to be a speaker, a time to embrace that calling. But right now, it’s time to speak into the lives of my kids.