Sophie is Rad

May 10, 2006Family Uncaged

Sophie and I had a great morning together. She helped me grocery shop, which is a huge bonus to me as we have to bag our own groceries here in France. With the efficiency of a professional shopper, Sophie loaded the conveyor belt while I bagged. And bagged. And bagged.

When she finished loading, she helped me finish the task. We laughed. We enjoyed each other’s company.

But what I really like is that she convinced me to buy marshmallows. And Rice Crispies. So when we got home, and Aidan and Julia came home for lunch, she rallied them to make Rice Crispy Treats–a little taste of America. When she brought me a warm one, I smiled, gobbled, and made noises like Bob (of What About Bob fame) at the dinner table. Mmmmm. Ohhhh. Hmmmm.

So, yeah, Sophie is rad. (Yep, I went to high school in the 80’s, in the ancient times when rad was a cool word.) She’s fun. She’s sweet. And she makes terrific treats.